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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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"you looking for me, ramirez?" - yeah? what happened then? - nothin'. he just looked at the stuff for a second. then he bought a hat for his girl, and he went out. - looked at what for a second? - well, nothing. - what kind of nothing? what was this here cassidy fellow buying? - supplies. i told you. now, i'm a busy man. - you said "supplies and the stuff." what'd you mean by "the stuff"? - that's between me and mr. kilgore. don't come in here asking about personal questions of my customers. now go on, get out. - mister, if a young fella bought a hat for his best girl, wouldn't you reckon he'd aim to go where she was? - i said get! - all right, i'm getting. no use getting mad about it. keep a civil tongue in your head. that's no way to talk to an old man. huh.
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[suspenseful music] ♪ - don't shoot. please, mister. - there was an old prospector in your store today. - i didn't tell him anything, so help me. - why not? - well, i--i don't know anything. - you don't know who killed pete ramirez? - no, i don't. - you sure? - i don't know who killed him. - then what could you have told that old prospector but didn't? [gun cocks] - all right. about the dynamite. - dynamite? - there. you got it out of me. cassidy sent you to find out if you could.
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tell him i never asked to handle the gol-darn stuff. mr. kilgore ordered it. why can't he order things like that right there in his own town, right there in brasada? what's all the big secret about? [dramatic music] ♪ [drumming] ♪
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- tonto, those drums are summoning the tribes to war. - that plenty bad, kemo sabay. ranchers talk war all time. indians make ready. soon war start, and they fight, fight. - not if we can stop them. - spirit mountain talk, kemo sabay. say many die. - spirit mountain talk? - medicine man say, tonto hear. - you heard thunder, tonto. - sun shine like now, kemo sabay.
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- it must have been thunder. medicine men may believe that mountains can speak, but we know... wait a minute. cassidy picked up dynamite in abilene. - that make same noise, kemo sabay. like thunder but not thunder. - why should he buy it in abilene? why take the risk of transporting it all the way back? kilgore could've bought it in brasada. - maybe cassidy buy, kilgore not know. - no, kilgore signed the order. he wanted the purchase kept a secret... so much of a secret that ramirez may have died for uncovering it. - what do here? you go, white man. - him friend of indian. - no white man indian friend. white man indian fight. - there must be no more talk of fighting. - that true. much talk make warrior weak. red hawk talk all time. angry horse not talk. - greetings, red hawk.
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you've called me "friend" many times. now, my friend red hawk promised to keep the peace until i can do certain things. i must have time. if i have that time, i promise there'll be no fighting. - angry horse, him say make war. him say fight now. show white man indian strong, can kill many. - angry horse wishes to be chief of your tribe. - many young braves him friends. red hawk old, sick. - but very wise. red hawk knows what will happen to his people if war should come. - if war come, red hawk be indian. not can be white man. not can be alone.
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red hawk be indian. make strong fight. - tonto, look.
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- what's going on here? - you don't need that gun, sheriff. i'm sure this will explain. show him, tonto. - so that's it. - this isn't the first time that white men have disguised themselves as indians to stir up trouble or to start a war. - sure. now i can see who they are. curly,
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idaho, pasco, skinner. whose idea was it? yours, cassidy, kilgore? - they won't talk, sheriff. we've tried. but they're kilgore men. i went to abilene and learned a few things. ramirez didn't quit. he was killed. - pete ramirez? - i think if it was an indian who started the stampede that killed your father, it was this kind of an indian. a kilgore man. what now, sheriff? - i'm going to see mr. kilgore. - you'll be gunned down. - i'll take that chance. [badge clatters] - this is no time to throw away your badge. it's the time to wear it. - what good's a badge in this town? can i make up a posse and go after him? he owns the town and everybody in it.
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who would be the prosecutor against kilgore? who would be the judge? who would be the jury? and what do you aim to do with these buzzards? they'll be out of here by morning. - i'm going to keep them out of town until we need them. you can't go after personal revenge now, sheriff. there's an indian war due to break at any moment. - then you say what to do. - we've got to expose kilgore and cassidy as troublemakers and place them behind bars. that'll give us enough time to get evidence to convict them. but we'll need a federal warrant and a federal marshal to serve it. - washington's a long way off. - the governor is much closer. just show him the silver bullet. - what if the fighting should cut loose while i'm gone? the way things are now, it'll only take one shot to start them off. - i'll see that that shot isn't fired. you just get to the governor. somehow, i'll keep the ranchers and indians apart. good luck, sheriff. [piano music] ♪ - it's come at last.
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the indians are gathering for war. pack some things for lila. i'm sending her away until this is over. - reece, it isn't safe out there. - be a lot worse here. if she's to go at all, now's the time. - reece, anything can happen out on that road. - welcome, will you please pack her things? - pack only her things? - you're not going. a woman's place is with her husband. - why am i not going? - i think you wouldn't be on the outside for one minute before you'd be blabbing to everybody in creation about certain things that have happened around here. just now, i don't think that would be so good for me.
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- and you also think that this house is the more dangerous place. well, now i know exactly where i stand. - now, you boys remember the way i told you to go. don't change anything. - lila. lila, wait. i want you to wear this. - mommy, that's your very best. - oh, baby.
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- why do i have to go? why can't i stay here if there's gonna be excitement? - because i know what's best for all of us. all right, boys. go ahead. thump! thump! thump!
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- [sobs and whispers] my baby. my baby. you! you! that's my baby! my baby... [children's voices taunting]
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- [speaking native language] angry horse. - it's spoken of everywhere. red hawk is a sick man. and angry horse, who wishes to become chief, shows his strength by making war on children. - the birds talk of it. the animals in the forest laugh at angry horse. - is red hawk so weak that angry horse can do as he wishes? or is angry horse obeying red hawk's commands?
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- red hawk not like bring white child here. - then why do you keep her here? let me take her away. - red hawk no more tell what do. red hawk old. no more fight. angry horse not old. better angry horse be chief. - always the young buffalo wishes to kill the old buffalo and take his place. and he does kill the old buffalo because he has youth and strength. but has he the wisdom to lead the herd? to keep it out of danger? i say angry horse has not the wisdom. he cannot be the chief of a tribe that wishes to live in peace. i will fight angry horse to prove he is not worthy. [all talking] this white child must belong to the winner. [all talking]
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a squaw can fight with weapons. [people clamoring] a chief must be strong in heart, in his hands. i do not need weapons to fight men who make war on children. [both grunting] [dramatic music] ♪ [horse neighing] - [crying] help him. - he must fight alone.
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[horse neighing]
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splash! [horse whinnies] - red hawk, will you once again call me friend?
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[people murmuring]
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- shorty, shake your hoof up to the circle o. oscar, joe branch's place. dave, bob benson's. that takes care of the ranchers. powder, take four or five of the boys into town. knock on all the doors. tell 'em what's busted loose. right. no, not connor. i want him and goss to come with us. - us? but i thought we-- - don't ask questions. fresno, you take the town. - now, let's get it straight, boys. we all meet at pilgrim's crossing. we ride from there to the reservation together. nobody rides ahead. - now listen, we can't go in there shooting
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the way i'd like to. first, we've got to find out what they've done with my little girl and--if she's still alive-- how to get her away from them. and once that's settled, we do a job that's been put off too long. - and that means wherever you see a redskin, pour it in. - all right, boys. ride. [triumphal music] ♪ - we're going by way of spirit mountain. - that's the long way around. - we'll make it worthwhile. we're gonna pick up some dynamite. - [crying quietly]
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oh, my baby. - where is everybody? we rode right in. - they took all the guns and rode away. oh, darling. i thought you were... [footsteps approach] - don't ever be afraid of him. he's my friend. - lila, he's an outlaw. - not an outlaw, mrs. kilgore. please believe your daughter. i am a friend. - angry horse wanted to kill me, but he wouldn't let him. and then he made all the indians promise not to fight, no matter what.
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- they'll have to fight. they've no choice. my husband's men are gathering the ranchers right now to lead them to the reservation. - gathering where? - at pilgrim crossing. - lila, i know how brave you are. are you too tired to go on being brave? - what do i have to do? - mrs. kilgore, if your husband makes that attack, no ranch in this territory will be safe. it's best if the both of you go to the mission church. it's a long run and not easy. certainly not easy for you, mrs. kilgore. - i'll survive. - oh, you just depend on me. if anything happens... - if anything happens, i'll protect you. and it's about time. - you hurry and pack your things. i can't ask a wife to inform on her husband. but if there's anything you can tell me, anything that'll help prevent this war, please let me know.
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- he doesn't deserve any loyalty. not from me or-- or lila. i can tell you this. he won't stop when he knows that she's safe. his intentions right along were to exterminate the indians, and he plans to do it now. - but why? - i don't know. - does he want their land? - that was only at first. he would sit for hours, looking off at spirit mountain, thinking about the vast acres around it. and it made him angry that a thing within the reach of his eyes should belong to someone else, to indians. - you say that was only at first. what is it now? - the mountain. he wants to own spirit mountain. - but why does he need the dynamite? he's blasting up there. the indians hear it and think the mountain is talking. - perhaps he's closing up the passages
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that he and cassidy found. if he plans to put cattle on that land, they might wander into some of those old tunnels. - the ancient tunnels of spirit mountain. i heard about them when i was a boy. the indians don't trespass on spirit mountain. - but reece and cassidy do. and that's where they are right now. - the ranchers are doing just as we feared. they're gathering now for a strike at the indian village. - that plenty bad, kemo sabay. - kilgore has gone to spirit mountain for dynamite. i'm going after him, tonto. you take mrs. kilgore and her daughter to the mission church. then follow me.


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